Kinky Medical's Blog / Absorbent underpads KinkyMedicalnet customers occasionally ask for Chux The word Chux is often used to describe a wide variety of disposable multilayered absorbent pads that keep wetness from the body and have a waterproof backing They are used in medical practice to protect exam tables hospital beds and other areas were there may be leakages of blood urine or fecal material They are highly absorbent some can absorb up to 212 cups of liquid superabsorbent versions can absorb 8 cups of liquid Chux are more often now referred to as absorbent underpads or simply underpads Underpads are often used when removing a catheter to catch any leakage of urine during removal They are used for incontinence to protect bedding and the patient Any time a procedure may result in leakage of fluid underpads are used They are not sterile and should not be used where sterile drapes are required Spoiled underpads should be properly disposed of The brand name Chux was used by Johnson Johnson between the 1930s and the 1980s Popularly recognized as the brand name they used for their disposable diaper Johnson Johnson dropped the disposable diaper line in the early 1970s after Procter Gamble introduced Pampers in 1961 and rapidly dominated the market I didnt find any information on how long Johnson Johnson may have continued using the brand for medical products but currently Chux is not used as a brand name to market an underpad KinkyMedicalnet does not carry absorbent underpads They are readily available at drugstores grocery stores and many department stores where incontinence supplies are shelved My local drugstore chain has a package of 40 17x24 for 899 or 23 cents a pad The extra large 30x36 package of 10 also 899 90 cents a pad We feel that our customers can get a better deal locally than we can offer from our site George 2009-07-27Using a Killian speculum for urethral examination the past weekend I had the opportunity to use the Killian speculum to inspect a male urethra The Killian speculum is made to inspect the nasal cavities however with the 312 blades that approximate a 21 fr sound it seemed ideal to inspect the urethra After cleaning the area insertion into the urethra with sterile lubricant was quite easy and gently opening the blades stretched the urethra opening revealing the inner lining of the urethra After setting the set screw it was possible to inspect inside of the urethra using a small LED penlight George Click here to see the product 2009-07-17Did You Know? - Tegaderm is a very versatile product As a clear thin breathable bandage it can be used to cover play piercings put right on over the inserted needle cuttings brands etc It can also be used to hold in IV and butterfly catheters during inflations The bandage can also be used to cover holes made by catheters Tegaderm can also be cut to a desired size We carry it in the 4 x 475 inch version and will be carrying the 2 38 x 2 34 inch size soon Tegaderm can be found in the Piercing cutting and cautery section of the site or click on the link below Bruce Bruce2009-06-16Electrical cupping tips electrical stimulation to your cupping therapy is easy with conductive rubber rings which are listed under the Electricl Products section Standard cupping enhances circulation and nerve stimulation and is often combined with massage Adding electrical stimulation using a TENS unit increases the effect on the nerves and muscle tissue The Rimba Powerbox has a number of acupuncture modes that are benefical for this type of therapy A few tips to make using the rings easier First use a little water soluble lube when inserting the TENS pin leads into the ring makes the lead easier to insert and remove second insert the leads before you place the cups on the skins surface and third a ring can be used in combination with a TENS pad for some unique placements George George2009-06-04Welcome to our Blog everyone This is Bruce the main guy here at Kinky Medical I would like to welcome you to our new Blog The main purpose of this blog is to give more detailed information about our products and provide a few hints on how to get the most out of your new supplies Joining me on this journey is George a long time friend who helps me vend at conferences and fairs He is very knowledgeable about a variety of subjects I am sure his input will be most interesting Who knows where this blog will take us Have fun Bruce and George Bruce2009-05-31